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6. Planned Future Activities
6.1 Training
     It  is conceivable  that cooperative  agreements in  training with such international  agencies  and  schools  of  public  health  as ESCAP, UNICEF, Hadassah School of  Public Health of Public Health  University of Hawaii et.can be arranged in the future.
     At local  level, the Center  plans to offer  short training courses  to health personnel  in relation to development  of health information systems, epidemiology  in health  services, usage  of icro-computers   of monitoring health programs etc.

6.2 Research
     The  emphasis of  research programs  will be  placed on  development of proxy  measures  for  health  status,  appropriate  technologies  in P.H.C., participatory  research  in  P.H.C.,development  of  basic  community health services,  issues concerning  the elderly,  and research  for development of rural youth. Biomedical  research programs for the control  of local endemic diseases as well as research in environmental health  issues are also fields of interest.

6.3 Basic Community Health and Academic Services.
     The  Center plans  to promote  the roles  of the  elderly and  women in community health  development and income  generation programs. Promotion  of mental  health  among the rural youth is  also a field of interest.  We  are pleased   to  cooperate with  those who  share the same fields of interest.