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PH.AD.416 Introduction to Health Economics (2 credits)
PH.BS.408 Health and Demographic Survey (3 credits)
PH.EP.414 Epidemiology in Community Health II (2 credits)
PH.ST.402 Integrated Rural Development (2 credits)
PH.ST.408 Primary Health Care and Community development (3 credits)
PH.ST.410 Community Health Programming and Evaluation (3 credits)
PH.ST.412 Data Processing in Community Health Work (2 credits)
PH.ST.488 Field Training (3 credits)
PH.ST.302 Introduction to Community Development (2 credits)
PH.ST.604 General Public Health (3 credits)
PH.ST.688 Field Training (3 credits)

PH.ST.495 Seminar in Community Health Development (2 credits)
PH.ST.407 Rural Society & Public Health Problems (2 credits)
PH.ST.415 Directed Study on Community Health (2 credits)
PH.ST.413 Community Health Studies (3 credits)
PH.ST.405 Comprehensive Rural Health Development (2 credits)
PH.ST.409 Field Observation on Rural Public Health Administration (2 credits)

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