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3. Physical Facilities of the Center

The 34 rais of land (approximately 14 acres ) on which the  center is located was given to Mahidol University the government. Present facilities are  as follow:
- An administrative building with
- conference room
- lecture room
- library
- Three student dormitories
- One dining room
- One multidisciplinary laboratory
- One garage and workshop
- One staff dormitory
- Several houses for staff
- One guest house
- Tennis Court and basket ball court
- Community garden

4. Training and Research Facilities
- A set of Video-tape players
- One Overhead projector
- One synchronized slide projector
- Two sets of apple II Microcomputers
- One IBM Compatible with 30 Megabytes Hard Disk
- Two sets of electronic bilingual typewriters
(one with word-processing)
- One solid state stencil cutter
- One photocopy machine
The Center can accommodate 96 students at any one time.